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Welcome to Christian Bigwater Art

"A world without creativity would be nothing but a dark empty void."

My artist statement is an expression of my connection to the Diné (Navajo) culture and its beauty. With vibrant colors and strong lines, I paint from my heart, capturing spirit and movement in my artwork.

My pieces are a reminder of the importance of our culture’s history and present.  I draw inspiration from the Navajo elements and lifestyles which have founded my upbringing and artistic ideologies. I attempt to create a modern take on indigenous design in every piece I make. Through my art, I wish to keep our culture alive.

About me

Christian Bigwater has been creating art since he was a child and sees it as a way to express his feelings and emotions, while also connecting with the world around him.

His work is often inspired by the beauty of nature, as well as current events and political issues. Through his artwork, Christian hopes to inspire others to think critically about the state of our planet and how we can make positive changes in order to create a better future for generations to come.

Deludge Collection

The Flood

Latest collection from Christian Bigwater


365 Days Worth Collection

365 Days Worth Collection

What does one digital drawing per day look like?

365 days worth art show - 580

Ghost Trendy Collection (NFT)

Digital NFT's

100 one-of-one NFTs


Early Editions

By Christian Bigwater

Oil paintings in current collection.

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